If you don't know, in order for a Flixprod Stuff cartoon to be an episode, it needs to be at least 2 minutes and 30 seconds. For some reason, for me it's not hard to make an episode over that. More like, well over that time. Episode 4 is possibly over five minutes long already, and if I go far enough, it might just beat School for being the longest Flixprod Stuff episode. It's inspired by one of the books I must read for Summer Reading at Curtis High School. Sadly, we need Episode 3 to arrive first, or Episode 4 may not make sense. Fortunately, Episode 3 is near completion as well. So look alive, people! The Flixprod Stuff series is not dead!
This is the new site for The Flixprod Stuff. As you can see, we finally have a REAL new episode! It is over 7 minutes long, so yeah, I hope you enjoy it!


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